Best Protein Supplement Advice You Will Ever Receive

Obviously I can’t give this to you just like that, I have to set the scene.

I learned the best protein supplement advice I ever got from tv, and not really tv, but what they didn’t show on tv.

One night a prominent nutritionsist in my country was asked:

If you had one piece of advice to give consumers regarding healthy eating what woulld it be?

…and what he said was never shown on tv.

BUT, the people on the set, realizing the value of his comment, leaked it onto the internet.

The advice was:

Never buy anything that is marketed!! If there is a commercial for it — buy something else.

Let me clarify this.

You see, every year hundrends of billions of dollars are spent on advertising. The protein supplement business si no different and ussually, the biggest selling products are the products which have the biggest marketing budgets.
It’s not quality , it’s not word of mouth, it’s how much they sunk into the advertising budget that determines the best protein supplement nowadays.

Some people say the internet has changed that, I say it is only apparently so.

Look at the top 10 google results you get for the best protein supplement.

Do you think they are not commercially driven? Do you honestly think that they are not there because someone paid good money to get them up there? You’d be naive if you did.

There are of course exceptions (this site for one), but rest assured that for the most part, the top 10 google results, be they for protein supplement or any other words people are searching for are there for commercial reasons.

This is a pretty sad state of affairs since for most people the top 10 results are the only things that they ever check out. And these are nearly 100 percent commercially driven, either directly or indirectly.

Think about it. What could prompt a person to spend time and money (it costs money to own and operate a site), if he wasn’t expecting some sort of economic reward.

Worse yet, do you think that google results aren’t a function of money. The top ranked people are ussually the one’s with the biggest sites, and the biggest budgets sunked into those sites. And they have to make a profit some how and if the truth were to get in front of their profit truth would quickly have to get out of the way. The top 10 results for the best protein supplement or protein supplement are a testament to this.

But there is a positive side to the story: many things are free on the internet. You can have a site up for nothing — problem is no one willl believe it is legitimate or that you know what you are talking about. There are free places to post videos (but who will watch them among the cesspool of irelevant videos) and there is so much free information (general, run of the mok info that is simply meant to direct you towards a place to buy something).

But what the hell does this have to do with the best protein supplement?

Well simply this:
the best protein supplement is ussually the one with the biggest promotions, the flashy names and the most “guru’s” promoting it.

But is it really the best protein supplement? No, they are the biggest commercially viable products.

Anytime someone is making a profit he is biased towards promoting that product, even if the product is good. But if the profit margin is high, and it has to be in order to support all that advertising and adwords and site maintenance and affiliate partners and video traffic — which costs a lot –

…AND for profit maargins to be good, the actual product has to be cheap.

This is not to say: buy the most expensive product and you will be fine, far form it, the most expensive products as well as the cheapest products should never be bought.


Instead, do your research, don’t just buy the first best protein supplement buy button your mouse comes upon.

Read a bit on the subject find out what makes a protein supplement the best protein supplement.

…check the labes, check the reputation, ask for the opinion of people who are not affiliated with any product — like me for example. I make no money from recommending a supplement over another. I make money by providing accurate, complete and truthfull information.

This applies to almost all things, not just a protein supplement you understand.

Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting

Talking about web hosting industry we can’t avoid talking about shared hosting since this is probably the most common hosting type that is available on market. Just like the name implies, in a shared hosting account you, the user, will have to share the server resources with other users. The webhosting company set up the server with certain amounts of accounts, all come with identical features and specifications, the operating system used, control panel, disk space, data transfer and many more. What you get on your hosting account is what other users get on their account. All are identical.

The benefits of using shared hosting account

If you buy a shared web hosting account you will get all the necessary features to run your website properly. Most of the shared hosting plan available on current market has similar features as ftp accounts to upload your files, several email accounts, database – usually it’s MySql database, php support, certain amount of space and bandwidth, various application scripts like blog, forum, and many more. You can start build your website easily without too much problems since most of the time the hosting company has prepared it to be as user friendly as possible.

If you buy from a reputable hosting provider you will get a fast loading server with excellent reliability. Most shared hosting accounts come with a kind of control panel. In this case, the most used and famous control panel is cPanel. It is a very easy to use hosting control panel comes with so many installed applications so you can use it easily even if you don’t have any experiences in managing a hosting account.

The next benefit of shared hosting is the prices. In current web hosting market, you can get a shared hosting at a very low monthly fees, you can get it from $3 to $10 per month, depends on the hosting company you use. This for sure is an affordable option for anyone who wants to start a website or online business.

The disadvantages of using shared hosting account

There is no doubt that there are many advantages of shared host account, however we should also know that there are also some disadvantages of this web hosting type.

Shared hosting account biggest disadvantage is the fact that you share the server resources with other users. In this case, you probably have to share it with more then 500 other customers, sometime it can be around 1000 websites crowding the server. If one of those websites suddenly using a lot of server resources, maybe they get a sudden a lot of traffics, your website probably will experience a problem if the server cannot handle it.

Another disadvantages is the restrictions of software and applications used on your hosting account. In a shared hosting account you have been provided certain amounts of applications you can use to run your website. Most websites will only need a few of them so most of the time it will not be a big issue.

However, once your website is growing in certain level, you probably will need another applications to handle it. This is the time when you will face a problem if you use a shared hosting account. You can only use applications that have been provided on your account, and if the application you need is not included you probably has to contact your hosting company to install it for you. Sometime they can do it for free, sometime you will have to pay for it, and sometime you can’t get it. If this is the case, the only option you have is move or upgrade your hosting account into a more advanced hosting account like dedicated hosting where you can do almost anything with the server.

Security is another issue that a shared hosting account users have to compromise with. I should say that most of the time it will not be a problem for us, the hosting company has implement a standard security system to protect their server. However, since you share the server with other users, if there is a security hole on one of the users, the attacker can exploit the entire server, including here your website.

In conclusion, I can say that shared hosting account is a good choice for anyone who want to start developing their website or online business. The users will get almost all the features required to run their website properly in a very affordable monthly fees. However, once your website grows, you probably will need to move your hosting account into a more advanced one. If you have a big website with a lot of traffics then shared hosting is not the right choice for you.

Paypal Money For Free

Fist, watch the video below to see how this Paypal money generator works. It’s also as a proof that this online generator really works in delivering free cash to your account balance. See how it uses new unverified account to receive the funds. You can use the fund right away or transfer it to your real account so you can withdraw it to your bank account.

Paypal Hack With Real Results

I believe many of you, the visitors of this web site, are like me, been trying to find a working Paypal money generator that will let us just generate money out of thin air without any result. In fact, the only ‘result’ I got was just my computer ruined heavily by virus, spyware, and the likes, you name it. I had to spend a whole day cleaning them off the system. Yes, many of those bogus tools contain hidden virus. If you have downloaded such tools before, run a virus scan immediately.

But after keeping the trial and error efforts like endlessly, I finally found a working program that really deliver the promise, free Paypal money sent directly to my account balance. It was like a dream that I even couldn’t believe my eyes to see that the tool really works, or in exact words, to see my balance filled with the free funds. From that day, I just keep using the program every single day without experiencing any fail. It’s still unbelievable to see such 100% success rate.

OK, you are waiting for me to share the exact program, not reading my experience and story. Go visit this website to start using that Paypal money adder online application now. Just follow the simple steps, you will have your free money delivered to your account in just a few minutes. Most of the time it will be less than 5 minutes, however some times it can take up to 30 minutes for the the funds reach your balance. Don’t worry, just wait if you haven’t receive it after a while, you will get it eventually.

Online Generator

Unlike other tools I have tried before, this program is very different, beside the obvious fact that it really works while others are just fake. With other programs I tried, I will have to download it first to be able to use it. This is not the case with this online generator application.

This Paypal hack is installed and run directly from its own server. What we see on the page is actually just the users interface where we can input the required information such as the amount of dollars you want to generate (yes it only supports dollar as the default currency) and what Paypal ID you want to use to receive the funds.

By releasing this program as an online application that runs directly on users browser, it has many advantages when we compared it with the downloaded programs like I used before. Of course the most important thing is that it works, but other aspects also quite important as follows.

Up to Date

Since that Paypal money hack application is installed on their own server, it will help the developer/programmer to update the program faster, anytime needed. Paypal always releases security updates to avoid such loopholes that allow this program to works. As a result, the programmer has to keep updating the tool as well to make sure it still works in delivering free cash to the users. Users will always get updated and working version, no need to download any updates.

Virus Free

As I said before, since this Paypal cash generator is released as a browser based application we don’t need to download anything or install any additional programs to be able to use it. As a result we will not face the risk of having our system infected and ruined by virus and similar things like my experience with other bogus programs. With this tool it’s just like accessing and using regular pages, nothing harmful, nothing risky.


Since it runs from users browser there will be no compatibility issue. Unlike, again, other fake programs tried in the past that usually can only be run on Windows based computer, this is not a problem with this Paypal hack online application. You can use it on any device with browser installed and connected to the net. It runs well on any Linux, Mac, or Windows based computer. It also works perfectly when used on mobile device with Android, iOS, and other operating systems.


As stated before, the page we access from the browser is just the user interface, the real work is done and performed from inside the server, using its resources, including the internet connection. It means even if you use your home internet connection when running this Paypal money adder, your IP address can’t be tracked. You are totally anonymous here cause it runs from their server and I believe they have loads of anonymous proxies in place to hide the foot prints.


As mentioned above, below and inside the video, you can use the Paypal money generator with a brand new account to receive the funds. You don’t even have to verify the account first cause you can use it to receive the free funds. It will remove the worry about getting tracked by the account cause you can just create new account every time you want to run the tool. It is actually suggested to do that to improve the randomness factor that help the application even harder to get detected.

So, since your intention when visiting this page is to find a way to get free cash to your Paypal account, I believe the information shared here will and can be the exact answer you are looking for. Go visit the link above to use it now and collect your funds. Again, it is suggested to use different account every time you use it, so please just create a brand new account before running the tool.

Making the Right Choice with Golf Club Heads

When you spend hundreds of dollars on quality golf clubs, it is important to keep it in good condition. One of the parts of a club that seems to get ruined the quickest is the golf club head. The best solution is to get a protective cover for the head. By keeping it covered, you will be able to make sure that the golf club head is well protected and clean. If your golf club head is not in perfect condition, it could affect your performance on the field. So, take your time and invest in a good golf club head cover.

Golf club head covers are made from a number of materials, and they each standout in their very own way. Several covers are made for style, while others are made with the sole purpose of protecting the head. If you are at the store and trying to decide on which golf club head cover to purchase, here are a few tips you could follow.

The most common golf club head cover is the knitted cover. This type of cover is the least expensive, and it serves well as a protective cover. In terms of overall looks, the knitted cover is the best option. You could find knitted covers in a number of styles, colours, sizes and designs. If you have someone who knows how to sew or even knit, you could get them to make you one. To begin, you just need to get the width and length of your golf club head. Once you have the size, draw out your club head on a piece of paper. Using this paper as a template, you can easily sew your own cover.

Knitted covers are of the past, but they still seem to be quite popular among many golf players. In the past decade or so, many golf equipment companies have started creating very sleek and contemporary golf head covers. The traditional cover used to be made from cotton, but now that has totally changed. The modern covers are made from polyester, vinyl and even leather.

The vinyl covers are the best, especially when it is raining out. The vinyl finish will cause the water to slide right off the cover, and thus, keeping the club head dry. If you can spare some extra money, you could certainly go for the leather cover. Some of these leather golf club head covers have grip lines on them, so that you could play with the cover. The grip line keeps the ball from moving along the leather surface.

Personal Loans to Get Rid of The Financial Mess

If the loan is requested and used for private purposes, it is considered a personal loan. There is a type of debt, which is the family, household or personal use. This differs from the mortgages and business loans. Lender lends money to borrowers for loans and a borrower to repay the loan amount. But in general, if the regular payment of premiums. Personal loans are usually offered at a price known as interest on the debt. All your financial needs can be easily resolved a personal loan.

Reasons, such as a family ceremony, a great trip and a surprise gift, personal loans to lend their hands. All types of costs in support of personal loans are short term. People are generally willing to cover personal travel expenses, medical expenses, vacation expenses, wedding and honeymoon expenses and other personal expenses. Personal loans are offered in two broad categories. They are guaranteed personal loans and unsecured personal loans.

For loans secured against the assets of the personal security is a must. But the guarantees are unsecured personal loans are not necessary. Mainly based on your personal preferences and circumstances of the type of loan has been chosen. Secured personal loans are secured by collateral and are suitable if you need a larger loan amount. This type of personal loans are easier to obtain and secured personal loans are offered to people, even a bad credit history.

Completely contrary to this question is an unsecured personal loan does not require collateral. These loans, the lender does not control the assets, if the borrower defaults. These loans are not easy to get because the lender on the borrower’s repayment capacity. One of the main advantages of a personal loan at the same time, applying it is not necessary to specify the reasons for the loan, and can be used for his personal use.

Personal loans offer you the freedom to use all your personal loan needs, such as debt consolidation, medical practice, fees, vehicle purchase and renovation of homes. Guaranteed interest rate personal loans are lower interest rates compared with unsecured personal loans. The reason for this is the reason that personal loans have become less risky for the lender because it is the collateral. The main advantages can be secured by the borrower’s personal loans have lower monthly payments, longer loan term and loan amount.

Although safeguards are not required for an unsecured personal loan, loan interest rates are slightly higher because the lender is at high risk if the borrowers default. This is not true of all the unsecured loans. If you are looking for, you will be able to know that many lenders who offer unsecured personal loans at a discounted rate.

The advantages of personal loans are unsecured loans, fast cash, less paperwork and faster processing of loans. Personal loans are also available for bad credit record, and this gives them an opportunity to improve your credit history. Two major factors that you must consider when applying for a personal loan duration (repayment period) and annual percentage rate (APR). However, you may have to do research to choose the best.

Low Rate Insurance Programs

How to Be Specific of Lowest Rate Insurance Programs

Most of us are conscious of the reality that there are a lot of factors that have an effect on our insurance premiums. Nonetheless, extremely couple of individuals know the exact elements and recognize how the very same impact the price of insurance. This is the reason why most of us inadvertently end up with high cost insurance programs. Is there any approach that will support us find low rate insurance plans each time we search for the very same?

The first and the most critical tool that you ought to make use of is education. Unless you educate your self about insurance, chances are extremely low that you will uncover cost-effective insurance plans. The world of insurance can be really confusing. It is not divided into black and white areas alone. There are grey areas where certain insurance organizations follow a lenient approach although others follow a rigid and inflexible approach. It is only when you understand why and how insurance works will you locate low cost insurance programs.

There are several factors that are beyond your control as far as insurance premium is concerned. However, there many elements that can be modified and manipulated to suit your requirements. What are these aspects? If you find these elements and realize them, you can be particular that you will get low rate insurance each time you search for the identical.

Hence, understanding how insurance works and how you are placed in the world of insurance is really critical. As soon as this is in your hands, it is time to make use on the internet quotes, on-line educational web sites, offline publications and lastly your friendly local insurance executive to compile details related to the insurance strategy you are looking for.

When you have identified the most the suitable plans, it is time to take into account other factors like discounts that the insurer is ready to offer if you obtain several policies instead of a single policy. Further, paying your installment in a lump sum amount is often preferable as it assists you stay away from administrative charges. If you follow the guidelines suggested above, you stand a extremely very good opportunity of bringing down price of any and every insurance.

If you want to locate the top performing debt settlement companies then here’s some extremely critical suggestions. Do Not go directly to a particular debt settlement organization but instead go to a debt relief network that is affiliated with a number of established debt settlement companies. In order to be in the debt relief network, the debt settlement companies ought to prove a track record of successfully negotiating and eliminating debt. They must also pass an ethical standards test. Going via a debt relief network will ensure that the debt company you are provided with is a legitimate and respected organization.

Good Nutrition Is A Must For Everyone

You have probably heard about the importance of nutrition before, but maybe you did not give it much of a second thought. Good nutrition is a must for everyone. It is important to follow a good nutrition plan. Your plan should be well thought out, with a sound basis in the truths of nutrition. Your plan should also be easy to follow under any circumstance. Make sure that your plan has good options for you to eat foods that you enjoy. Your plan should also limit unhealthy foods in a reasonable way.

Nutrition is important for all people. No matter what your age, gender, location, or health, you should take time to get yourself on a good nutrition plan. Different people will have different needs and requirements, but the basic idea is that everyone should find something that works for them and stick to it.

Your nutrition plan should take into account your individual needs. There is no such thing as a one size fits all plan that works for everyone. Take time to think about your personal health and any choice you may have made, such as sticking to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

While it is important for a plan to be individualized, there are also certain truths that stand true for everyone. One of which is the simple formula that if you eat fewer calories than you burn off in a day, you will lose weight. Following with this formula, there are many empty calorie foods like soda and candy that will not be a part of any balanced nutrition plan.

One of the best ways to fall behind on your nutrition is when you make your plan hard to follow. It is crucial that you find a plan that will be reasonable for you and your lifestyle. While it will certainly take effort, try to be realistic to yourself and find something that you can follow, even with a busy lifestyle.

If you are planning to change your diet, make sure that you find ways to still eat the foods that you enjoy most. If you become miserable trying to eat nutritious, then it is likely that you will not stay with your new diet for long. Again, be realistic from the beginning and you will be much more likely to reach your goals.

While you should eat the foods you like in moderation, you may have to limit or stop certain foods altogether. Sometimes it is harder to moderate something rather than simply cutting it out altogether.

Research your options, and be sure to choose a diet that is right for you. Good nutrition is a must for a healthy and long life, but it can take a while to truly get the practice of it down. Remember that it is a difficult thing to achieve, but once you get going, the benefits will be well worth the effort.