Best Protein Supplement Advice You Will Ever Receive

Obviously I can’t give this to you just like that, I have to set the scene.

I learned the best protein supplement advice I ever got from tv, and not really tv, but what they didn’t show on tv.

One night a prominent nutritionsist in my country was asked:

If you had one piece of advice to give consumers regarding healthy eating what woulld it be?

…and what he said was never shown on tv.

BUT, the people on the set, realizing the value of his comment, leaked it onto the internet.

The advice was:

Never buy anything that is marketed!! If there is a commercial for it — buy something else.

Let me clarify this.

You see, every year hundrends of billions of dollars are spent on advertising. The protein supplement business si no different and ussually, the biggest selling products are the products which have the biggest marketing budgets.
It’s not quality , it’s not word of mouth, it’s how much they sunk into the advertising budget that determines the best protein supplement nowadays.

Some people say the internet has changed that, I say it is only apparently so.

Look at the top 10 google results you get for the best protein supplement.

Do you think they are not commercially driven? Do you honestly think that they are not there because someone paid good money to get them up there? You’d be naive if you did.

There are of course exceptions (this site for one), but rest assured that for the most part, the top 10 google results, be they for protein supplement or any other words people are searching for are there for commercial reasons.

This is a pretty sad state of affairs since for most people the top 10 results are the only things that they ever check out. And these are nearly 100 percent commercially driven, either directly or indirectly.

Think about it. What could prompt a person to spend time and money (it costs money to own and operate a site), if he wasn’t expecting some sort of economic reward.

Worse yet, do you think that google results aren’t a function of money. The top ranked people are ussually the one’s with the biggest sites, and the biggest budgets sunked into those sites. And they have to make a profit some how and if the truth were to get in front of their profit truth would quickly have to get out of the way. The top 10 results for the best protein supplement or protein supplement are a testament to this.

But there is a positive side to the story: many things are free on the internet. You can have a site up for nothing — problem is no one willl believe it is legitimate or that you know what you are talking about. There are free places to post videos (but who will watch them among the cesspool of irelevant videos) and there is so much free information (general, run of the mok info that is simply meant to direct you towards a place to buy something).

But what the hell does this have to do with the best protein supplement?

Well simply this:
the best protein supplement is ussually the one with the biggest promotions, the flashy names and the most “guru’s” promoting it.

But is it really the best protein supplement? No, they are the biggest commercially viable products.

Anytime someone is making a profit he is biased towards promoting that product, even if the product is good. But if the profit margin is high, and it has to be in order to support all that advertising and adwords and site maintenance and affiliate partners and video traffic — which costs a lot –

…AND for profit maargins to be good, the actual product has to be cheap.

This is not to say: buy the most expensive product and you will be fine, far form it, the most expensive products as well as the cheapest products should never be bought.


Instead, do your research, don’t just buy the first best protein supplement buy button your mouse comes upon.

Read a bit on the subject find out what makes a protein supplement the best protein supplement.

…check the labes, check the reputation, ask for the opinion of people who are not affiliated with any product — like me for example. I make no money from recommending a supplement over another. I make money by providing accurate, complete and truthfull information.

This applies to almost all things, not just a protein supplement you understand.

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